For a veteran procrastinator, there is a vast gulf between forming goals in the mind and actual work towards attaining those goals that, at times, seems nigh insurmountable. Writing a blog has been one of those goals for me. And I have put off starting a regular blogging routine for many years now.

So I have decided to use a commitment device to make sure I start, and I don’t stop easily once I have started. I will post at least one blog article a week for four months, and will revise the schedule after four months if I think I should. Posts will come mostly on Sundays, starting tomorrow. (This one does not count.) The idea is that by announcing to the Internet that I will do something, I will hopefully be bound to sit down and write something every week. Even if no human reads it, I will endeavor to stay loyal to my audience of a handful of search engine crawlers by producing regularly.